Setting Up

This is a list of problems that can occur during setup of the machine. Check how to troubleshoot the problem based on the symptom.

Problems During Driver Installation

Problems with Wireless LAN and Wired LAN Connection

Cannot Connect to Wireless LAN
Check whether the machine can connect to the network.
Cannot Connect to Wireless LAN
Cannot Connect to Wired LAN
The IP address setting may have failed. Set the IP address again.
Setting IPv4 Addresses
Setting IPv6 Addresses
Cannot Connect to Wireless LAN and Wired LAN at the Same Time
You cannot connect the machine to a wireless LAN and wired LAN at the same time. You can connect to USB and wireless LAN or USB and wired LAN at the same time.
Cannot Connect Using TLS Encryption
If you specify a TLS version that is not supported by your OSoperating system, browser, or other software, you will not be able to connect to the machine using TLS encryption.
Update your OS operating system and other software, or incrementally downgrade the TLS version until you can successfully connect to the machine. Note, however, that downgrading your TLS version may result in a connected environment that is not protected by adequate security.
Using TLS

Problems with USB Connection

The Computer Cannot Communicate with the Machine
Try the following:
Replace the USB cable. If the USB cable is long, replace it with a short cable.
If you are using a USB hub, connect the machine directly to the computer using a USB cable.