Front Side

Toner cover

Open the toner cover when replacing the toner cartridge.
Replacing the Toner Cartridge

Operation panel

Use the display and keys to operate the machine and confirm the operations and status. Operation Panel

Power switch

Turns the power of the machine ON and OFF. Turning ON and OFF the Machine

Paper drawer

Load paper you usually use into the paper drawer. Paper Drawer

Paper stopper

Open the paper stopper to prevent paper from falling out of the output tray.

Ventilation slots

Air inside the machine is released through the ventilation slots to cool down the inside of the machine.
Do not place objects next to the ventilation slots, as this can prevent ventilation.

Output tray

Printed paper is ejected to the output tray.

Front cover

Open the front cover when loading paper into the paper drawer.
To ensure efficient use of the machine, regularly clean the surface.
Cleaning the Surface of the Machine