Connecting to a Wireless LAN by Using the Router Button (Push Button Mode)

If your wireless LAN router supports WPS push button mode, you can easily set up a connection simply by using the operation panel of the machine and the button on the wireless LAN router.
Administrator privileges are required to connect to a wireless LAN.
On the operation panel, select [Menu] in the [Home] screen and press . [Home] Screen
Press [Preferences    [Network]    [Wireless LAN Settings]  .
The [Select Network] screen is displayed.
If the login screen appears, enter the System Manager ID and PIN, and then press [<Log In>]  . System Manager ID and PIN
If the message [Enable the wireless LAN?] appears, select [Yes] and press .
If the message [Cannot find the access point.] appears, press .
Select [Other Connections] and press .
Select [WPS Push Button Mode] and press .
The machine starts searching for an access point.
After the search for an access point starts, press the button on the wireless LAN router within two minutes.
Press the button within two minutes. (Depending on the wireless LAN router, you may have to press and hold the button.)
* For details on how to operate the button, see the manual of your wireless LAN router.
When [Connected.] appears on the operation panel, press .
When the machine is connected to the wireless LAN, [] appears on the [Home] screen.
Wait a few minutes.
By default, an IP address is set automatically.
To use a specific IP address, set this manually.
Setting IPv4 Addresses
Setting IPv6 Addresses
If an Error Message Appears during Operation and a Connection Cannot Be Established
Press , and repeat the procedure starting from Step 3.