The Edge of the Page Is Not Printed

Troubleshoot by checking in the following order:
Are You Using Appropriate Paper?
Check whether the paper in the machine is usable, and replace it with appropriate paper, as needed.
Usable Paper
Loading Paper
Are the Paper Guides Correctly Aligned with the Paper?
Paper guides that are aligned but too loose or too tight can cause part of the page to not be printed. Check the paper guides, and align them with the width of the paper. Loading Paper
Are You Printing to the Edge of the Paper Without Margins?
This symptom may occur when the margin is set to none in the printer driver. To print with this machine, a margin of 5 mm (15 mm at the top and bottom and 10 mm on the left and right sides) is required.
On the [Printing preferences] screen of the printer driver, configure the following setting to provide a margin.
[Finishing] tab [Advanced Settings] [Expand Print Region and Print] [Off]