About the Screens of This Software

This section describes the screen structure of this software.
If you are using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, the favicon is displayed as indicated below, according to the status of the target devices for management.
: Normal
: Some devices have "Errors."
: Some devices require "Service Calls."
Device Status Information
Displays the number of target devices for management with the following statuses.
: Service Calls (Priority: High)
: Errors (Priority: Normal)
: Warnings (Priority: Low)
When multiple statuses apply, the status with the highest priority is totaled.
Click to display the "Errors" or "Warnings" device list.
User Information
Displays the name of the user that is logged in. Also enables you to edit the user information, configure the device list display settings, and log out from this software.
Enables you to view the user's guide and information for the open source licenses used by this software.
Main Menu
Displays the menus that can be used, according to the role of the user.
For a user with the [Device Manager] role, only the menus for the functions enabled on the following screen are displayed.
[System] menu > [Users] > select device administrator user > [User Details]
Content Area
Displays the page selected in the main menu.
When a required item has not been set or when a value that cannot be set has been entered, is displayed for the setting item name.
Displays as indicated below, according to the settings.
: Regular
/: Click this button to enable the setting.
: Click this button after confirming that there is no problem with the settings.
The display language follows the setting of the web browser. If this software does not support the language of the web browser, this software is displayed in English.
The date and time information follows the time zone and format of the computer where the web browser is running.