Flow of Operations (Basic Functions)

This section describes the flow of the main operations for the basic functions.
Operations may not be performed correctly if multiple users perform an operation on the same target (task or device) at the same time.

Required Operations

1. Logging In to This Software

Access this software from a web browser, and log in.

2. Configuring the Initial Settings

Configure the initial settings required for starting to use this software.

3. Registering Devices to This Software

Register the devices for management to this software. Devices can be discovered on the network or device information can be imported from a file.

Optional Operations

Managing Devices

Checking the Information of Devices
You can check the status and information about the devices registered for management in the device list.
Managing Device Groups
Devices for management are managed in groups. Devices groups can be specified as the target for monitoring or task execution in this software. Devices can be individually selected for adding to a group or devices that match conditions can be automatically added to a group.
Sending Notification for Printer Monitoring Results
You can monitor the status of printers and send notifications regarding error information and consumable information, etc. via e-mail.
Sending the Counter Retrieval Results
You can send the counter information retrieved from printers via e-mail.
Restarting/Shutting Down Printers
Restart/shut down printers from this software.
Using the Dashboard
Check the device usage status in tables or graphs.

Managing Tasks

The processes performed by this software are managed as tasks. The execution schedule, execution target, and execution result notification destination can be set for each task. The execution result of tasks can also be checked in a list.

Outputting Reports

The total results of counter information and status information collected from devices by this software can be output to a file.

Managing the System

Managing User Information
Create users to use this software and manage user information.
Managing System Configurations
Add optional functions.
Upgrading This Software
Upgrade this software to a new version.