Discovering Printers

This section describes the method for discovering printers managed with the specified Agent and registering them to this software.

Checking the Agent Settings

In order to discover printers, the Agent managing the target printers must be correctly set.
Select the [System] menu > [Agents].
In the list, select the name of the Agent for managing the printers to discover.
Check the settings on the [Agent Details] page.
Check the following settings. Edit them as required.
[Device IPv4 Addresses]
[FQDN for Devices (Do Not Include Device Name)]
To discover specific printers included in the scope of management for the target Agent, check the settings in [Printer Discovery Settings]. For details, see the following.

Checking the Authentication Information Settings

Confirm that the authentication information required for communicating with printers is registered to this software. For details, see the following.

Discovering Printers

To switch a printer discovered with SNMPv1 to communicate with SNMPv3 only, change the settings of the printer to use SNMPv3 only, and perform discovery again. If you perform discovery after deleting the printer from this software, the printer will be registered to this software as a different printer from the deleted printer.
Select the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
Click [Create].
Select [[Printer] Discover] from the list.
On the [Scheduled] tab, specify the basic information and schedule of the task.
For details on configuring the task, see the following.
On the [Targets] tab, select the target Agents from the list.
Discover printers in the discovery range set for the selected Agent.
For more information, see the following.
On the [Task-Specific Settings] tab, specify whether to perform a printer function check and retrieve information after printer discovery is finished.
If set, the following built-in tasks are executed.
Check Address Book Functionality
Check Device Setting Values Management Functionality
Retrieve Printer Information
Click [Add].
You can check the information of the registered tasks by selecting the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
For details, see the following.
You can check the status of executing or completed tasks by selecting the [Tasks] menu > [History].
It may take some time for the task to finish.
For details, see the following.