Using the Dashboard

This section describes the procedure for displaying the error status, monitoring status, and various information regarding the devices for management such as print counts on the dashboard.

Adding a Panel to the Dashboard

 > [Administrator Dashboard] or [Dashboard].
[Administrator Dashboard] can only be displayed by users assigned the system administrator role.
[Administrator Dashboard] is a common dashboard for all users assigned the system manager role.
[Dashboard] can be created for each user.
Add the panel to display on the dashboard.
Click [Add Panel].
The added panel is displayed at the end of the dashboard.
Configure each panel.
Click [Panel Options] on the top right of the panel.
The panel display order can be changed here.
Click [Settings].
Configure the required settings, and click [Save].

Deleting a Panel from the Dashboard

Click [Panel Options] on the top right of the panel.
Click [Delete].