Sending the Counter Retrieval Results

This section describes the method for sending the counter information retrieved with a [Retrieve Counter Information] task via e-mail.
Counter retrieval results (counter information retrieved by the [Retrieve Counter Information] task) for the specified printer are attached to e-mail and sent to the specified destination.
Counter total results can also be output to a file from this software. For details, see the following.
Select the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
Click [Create].
Select [[Printer] Send Counter Information] from the list.
Configure the task on the [Scheduled] tab and [Targets] tab.
For details, see the following.
Configure the e-mail to send on the [Task-Specific Settings] tab.
Select the file format of the data to attach in [File Type].
In [Information Included During Counter Transmission], select the information to include in the file to attach.
Configure the subject and destination, etc. in [E-Mail Settings].
In [Counter Settings], specify the counters to send.
To send counters not included in the default values, select [Send Specified Counters] from the drop-down list.
In [Counters to Send], select the counters to send.
If the counters you want to send are not selectable in [Counters to Send], enter the counters to send in [Counters to Add].
The information entered in [Counters to Add] is only valid for Canon printers that supported service mode counters. You can specify the numbers of multiple counters separated by commas.
Click [Add].
You can check the information of the registered tasks by selecting the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
For details, see the following.
You can check the status of executing or completed tasks by selecting the [Tasks] menu > [History].
For details, see the following.