Outputting the Firmware Information

This section describes the procedure for displaying the firmware update status of the device on the screen and outputting it to a file.
Select the [Reports] menu > [Firmware].
Switch the display in the drop-down list on the top of the list on the [Firmware] page.
Select the target devices.
When selecting a device group or region, you can enter a string in the [Search] text box of the drop-down list to filter the candidates displayed in the drop-down list.
The region is displayed for users with multiple regions set.
Select the product name of the devices to display.
The selection state of the drop-down list and the sorting order of the list are saved.
Display the firmware information of each device as required.
Click the device name of the target device.
To output the content displayed on the screen to a file, select the file format for outputting the report from the [Export] drop-down list on the top of the list.
Follow the direction on the screen to save the file.
There are cautions to follow when exporting to a CSV file. For details, see the following.