Specifying the Initial Settings of Printers (Device Setting Values Management)

This section describes the initial settings to specify on the printers managed by Device Setting Values Management.
In order to this software to manage device setting values and security policies, the printer settings must be changed from their factory default settings.
Configure the settings common to every function before configuring the settings for managing device setting values. When managing the device setting values of Type I printers with this software, a key pair for encrypting communication must also be set. For details, see the following.
The operation method differs according to the printer type. For details on printer types, see the following.
For printers that can be set to perform encrypted communication by function, it is not necessary to configure encrypted communication. Regardless of the settings, this software and the printer use encrypted communication.

Specifying the Initial Settings of Printers

Configure the device setting value management function.
Type I printers
Set  (Settings/Registration) > [Management Settings] > [Data Management] > [Import/Export] > [Restrict Import/Export from Web Service] to [Off].
Printers that do not have particular settings dot not require them to be specified.
Type II printers
Set [Menu] > [Network] > [Device Settings Management] to [On].
Type III printers
Set  (Additional Functions) > [System Settings] > [Network Settings] > [Device Settings Management On/Off] to [On].
Restart the printer.

Setting the Password of Security Policies

When managing security policies, set a password for protecting the security policy for the printer.

Type I Printers

Display the password settings screen on the printer.
On the [Portal] page of the Remote UI, click [Settings/Registration] > [Security Settings] > [Security Policy Settings].
Click [Password Settings] in the menu.
Set the password.

Type II Printers

A password cannot be set for a security policy in a printer. Use Device Setting Values Management of this software to set a password. For details, see the following.