Flow of Operations (Firmware Management)

Printer Preparations

Change the settings of the Updater that operates in the printers. The Updater settings are specified by your local authorized Canon dealer. For the details, contact the following.
Your local authorized Canon dealer

Setting the Method for Communicating with Printers

Set the method for communication between printers and this software in Firmware Management. For details, see the following.

Registering Printer Authentication Information to This Software

Register the authentication information set in the printers to this software.
Either of the following types of authentication information is required for managing firmware.
[User Authentication]
[Domain Authentication]
[System Manager ID]
For printers that do not perform authentication with the above method, it is necessary to register the authentication information in [Password Authentication]. For details on the registration method, see the following.

Checking Printer Firmware

You can retrieve information on the printer firmware via a built-in task (Retrieve Printer Information). For details, see the following.
Check the firmware information retrieved from the printers. For details, see the following.

Updating Printer Firmware

1. Registering the Firmware:

Register the firmware to this software. For details, see the following.

2. Updating Printer Firmware

Create a task to distribute the firmware to printers. For details, see the following.