Migrating the Agent to Another Computer

This section describes the procedure for migrating an Agent installed in a different computer from the Manager to another computer.
Access this software from a web browser, and log in as the system manager.
Select the [System] menu > [Agents].
Click the name of the target Agent.
Click [Deactivate] on the [Agent Details] page.
Install the Agent to the destination computer for migration.
In [Activation Key], enter the activation key of the deactivated source Agent. Entering the activation key of the source Agent enables the settings to be carried over.
For details on the procedure for installing the Agent, see the following.
Confirm that the Agent is running correctly in this software.
Select the [System] menu > [Agents].
Click [].
Confirm that [Normal] is displayed for [Status] for the target Agent.
Uninstall the Agent from the source computer for migration.
For details, see the following.