Recommended Security Settings - 6. Highly Confidential Info. Environment

We recommend the Highly Confidential Info. Environment security settings.
With this usage environment, configure security settings to restrict all functions that may be subject to even a small threat, in order to prioritize safety.
Multiple security settings are changed together, which provides security measures that suit the environment type. Some functions of the machine may be restricted as shown below.
Examples of restricted functions:
Using USB memory media
Printing using LPD, RAW, or WSD
Forwarding received faxes
Using the Advanced Box
Directly connecting from mobile devices
Using the Remote UI
Connecting with information devices using conventional encryption/protocols
* You can check the effect and impact of the security settings, including those for other environment types. Effect and Impact of Security Settings
Setting Description
For details on the security settings that are configured, see the list of settings indicated below.
 List of Security Settings
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