Turning OFF the Machine

This section describes how to turn OFF the machine.
Check the machine's operation status before turning it OFF
The machine performs a procedure to protect the memory or storage when the power is turned OFF. You can turn OFF the machine while a process is active, but the following types of problems may occur, which may cause you to lose or damage data.
Do not turn OFF the machine while using the Fax/I-fax function. I-fax or fax documents cannot be sent or received when the machine is turned OFF.
If the machine is turned OFF during scanning or printing, a paper jam may occur.
Do not turn OFF the machine while initializing all the data and settings with the Optional Data Storage Kit installed. Doing so may damage the storage. When turning the main power of the machine OFF, press <Print> on the <Home> screen, and confirm that the message "This function is currently unavailable. The device is preparing the optional storage... Wat a moment, then try again." is not displayed. Initializing All Data/Settings
Unplugging the power cord
The machine may take some time to completely shut down. Do not unplug the power cord until the touch panel display and the indicators are off.
Unplugging the power cord before the machine has shut down may cause a malfunction.
You can shut down the machine from the Remote UI. Turning OFF/Restarting the Machine
Open the power switch cover and press the power switch toward "".
Close the power switch cover.
To restart the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds after the system is turned off, and then turn the machine back ON. When <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> is enabled, wait for at least 20 seconds to restart the machine. <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power>