Precautions When Relocating the Machine

The machine is heavy. When relocating the machine, make sure of the following precautions beforehand to prevent injury or other accidents.
When relocating the machine, consult your local authorized Canon dealer beforehand.
Before relocating the machine, make sure to first turn OFF the machine, then unplug the power cord and disconnect the interface cables. If you relocate the machine without these preparations, the power cord or the interface cables or both may be damaged, resulting in fire or electrical shock.
Do not carry the machine with the optional Cassette Module or Cassette Feeding Unit installed. Doing so may cause breakdown or injury. On how to remove these options, see the installation manual included with each of them.
When moving the machine for relocation, hold it properly as shown in the following figures. If held improperly, it may fall, resulting in injury.
Make sure to move the machine with three or more people.
To avoid damage or breakdown, do as follows.
Pull out the paper drawer.
Remove all optional devices.
Check that the main unit's covers and the multi-purpose tray are closed before moving the machine.