Connecting with Mobile Devices

There are two methods to connect the mobile devices with the machine, "Connecting via a Wireless LAN Router" and "Direct connection." Select a connection method in accordance with the communication environment and the device you are using.
Perform communication with mobile devices from <Mobile Portal> (<Home> Screen). You can confirm the information of connected mobile devices, etc., from here.

Connecting via a Wireless LAN Router

For information on how to connect a mobile device to your wireless LAN router, see the manuals provided with the devices, or contact the manufacturer.
Connect with the machine using either a wired LAN or wireless LAN router. Setting up the Network Environment
To use Wireless LAN, the required wireless LAN connection must be installed. System Options
If you connect to the machine via a wireless LAN router, you can confirm details of the machine on the <LAN Connection> screen by pressing <Mobile Portal> (<Home> Screen)  <LAN Connection>.

Connecting Directly

Directly connect a mobile device to the machine wirelessly without using wireless LAN. It is possible to immediately connect to the machine wirelessly even outside of a wireless LAN environment. Connecting Directly