Fax Function

The optional Super G3 FAX Board is needed to use the Fax function.
Telephone Line Used*1
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
Scan Line Density
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 3.85 line/mm
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 7.7 line/mm
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 15.4 line/mm
G3: 16 pels*2/mm x 15.4 line/mm
Transmission Speed
Super G3: 33.6 kbps
G3: 14.4 kbps
Compression Method
Transmission Type
Super G3, G3
Sending Original Sizes
A4, B5*3, A5*3, A6*3, LGL, LTR, and STMT
Receiving Paper Sizes
A4R, B5R, A5, A5R, LGL, LTRR, STMTR, and 16KR
No. of Memory RX Jobs
Up to 320 jobs
Transmission Times
Approximately 2.6 seconds (When sending A4 Canon original paper, Normal 8 pels x 3.85 line/mm ECM (JBIG))
*1 When using an IP telephone service, facsimile communication may not be performed normally via an IP telephone line. It is recommended to use facsimile communication via a general telephone (Public Switched Telephone Network) line.
*2 Pels stands for picture elements (pixels).
*3 Sent as A4.

Max. Destinations for Sequential Broadcast Transmission

You can specify and send to up to 256 destinations at the one time. (If you specify a group, which is made up of several destinations, each destination is counted as a separate destination.)