Specifying Paper Size and Type in the Multi-purpose Tray

If <Prioritize Printer Driver Settings for Jobs with MP Tray> is set to <On>, printer driver settings are prioritized when the multi-purpose tray is specified as the paper source for jobs from the printer driver.
A paper jam or other printing problems may occur if the size and type of paper specified in the printer driver do not match those of the actual paper loaded in the multi-purpose tray.
Load the paper in the multi-purpose tray. Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray
The screen for specifying the paper size and type is displayed.
Specify the paper size.
If you press <Favorite Paper> and register the frequently used paper size on buttons, you can call them up with a simple press. Registering Frequently Used Paper Size and Type for the Multi-purpose Tray
When loading standard size paper
Select the paper size from <Standard Size>.
When loading custom size paper
When loading envelopes
Press <Change> in <Paper Type>.
Select the paper type and press <OK>.
If the paper type loaded is not displayed, press <Detailed Settings> to select from a list.
If the paper type of the paper that you have loaded is not listed on the detailed setting screen, you can register it in the paper type list. Paper Type Management Settings
The envelope paper type cannot be selected from the details screen of <Paper Type>. To select the envelope paper type, register the paper type in <Register Favorite Paper (Multi-Purpose Tray)>, then press <Favorite Paper> in step 2  the button to which the envelope paper type has been registered  <OK>. Registering Frequently Used Paper Size and Type for the Multi-purpose Tray
Press <OK>.