Receiving I-Faxes

When an I-fax is received

The Processing/Data indicator on the control panel blinks green. When receiving is complete, the document is automatically printed and the indicator turns off.
To cancel receiving, press  (Status Monitor)  <Receive>  <Job Status>  select a document  <Cancel>.
You can specify the time before reception is canceled when receiving a divided I-fax and the subsequent data cannot be received. Data received by the specified time is printed. <Divided Data RX Timeout>

Output paper

The delivered fax is printed in the same paper size as the received document. If the same size paper as that of the delivered fax is not available, it can be printed using one of the following methods or through several processes, depending on the size of the received document and paper that is available.
Prints a received document by dividing it into several papers without changing its size
Prints with blank spaces on the paper which is larger than the received document
Reduces the size of the image and text, and then prints
To receive I-faxes manually
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Receive>  <Job Log>  <Check I-Fax RX>. Pressing <Fax/I-Fax Inbox>(<Home> Screen)  <Memory RX Inbox>  <Divided Data RX Inbox> enables you to check the receiving statuses of I-faxes divided and their data size.
You can save paper when printing.
You can include information, such as reception time, in received documents when printing. <Print RX Page Footer>