Fax Line Settings

To use the fax on the machine, register the fax number and company or department name to be displayed/printed at the receiving party's fax machine when sending a fax. Also, set the communication channel type.
Models with an optional fax function
To use the fax function, the required fax options must be installed. System Options
If you want to use the machine as a Remote Fax client machine, the <Register Unit Name> and <Select Line Type> settings in the procedure below are not required.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Function Settings> <Send> <Fax Settings>  <Set Line>.
Press <Line 1> <Register Unit Telephone Number>.
Enter a fax number and press <OK>.
The fax number you registered will be notified to the recipient.
Enter a name in <Register Unit Name> and press <OK>.
The name you registered will be notified to the recipient.
Instead of the unit name you specified, you can show or print the sender's name. Basic Operations for Sending Faxes
Select a line type in <Select Line Type>, press <OK>.
If you are not sure what kind of line type you are using, please contact your dealer or the sales office of your telephone company.