Setting the Dither Pattern (4900 Series Only)

Dithering is a technique for reproducing color and density using groups of small dots. The source data for drawing these dots is called a dither pattern. Using a dither pattern suitable for the image to print enables the gradations and curves of the printed image to be reproduced more smoothly.
Press  (Settings/Registration)  <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Adjust Image Quality> <Dither Pattern Settings>.
Select the dither pattern.
<Pattern 1>: The default setting.
<Pattern 2>: This setting enhances reproduction of halftones in printed images.
<Pattern 3>: This setting enhances reproduction of highlight areas of the images.
<Pattern 4>: This setting enhances reproduction of highlighted areas.
Press <OK>.
Press <Yes>, and perform auto gradation adjustment (full adjustment).
Perform auto gradation adjustment (full adjustment) after changing the settings.Adjusting Gradation