About the Machine

This chapter provides essential information for using the machine, such as parts and paper loading methods. You can also refer to this section for information on topics such as maintenance procedures for the main unit, dealing with paper or staple jams, and the machine specifications.

Parts and Their Functions

This section describes the exterior and interior parts of the machine and their functions.

Turning ON the Machine

This section describes how to turn the machine ON or OFF.

Placing Originals and Loading Paper

This section describes how to place originals to be scanned and how to load the paper used for printing.

Main Unit Maintenance

This section describes the maintenance and management of the machine, such as regular cleaning and the replacement of consumables.

Clearing Paper or Staple Jams

This section describes how to deal with paper or staple jams that occur during machine use.


See this section to check the optional equipment to use the machine more efficiently.

Machine Specifications

See this section for the specifications for the main unit and optional equipment units.