Recalling Previously Used Settings for Sending (Previous Settings)

You can recall the destinations specified in the past. Their scan settings such as density are also recalled at the same time.
You can store a series of destination, scan, or send settings specified before pressing (Start) as a single group of Previous Settings.
The three most recent settings that were stored in memory are not deleted even when the main power is turned Off.
When you use fax information services, you cannot specify a destination that is stored in the Address List or use the Job Recall mode.
Place the original. Placing Originals
Press <Fax>. <Home> Screen
Press <Previous Settings> on the Fax Basic Features screen. Fax Basic Features Screen
Select the log to recall and press <OK>.
The destination and its scan settings are specified according to the selected log.
When personal authentication management is in use, the machine recalls the settings specified in the past by the user who are logging in to the machine.
You can change the recalled settings before sending.
Press  (Start).
Originals are scanned and sending starts.
If you set <Manage Address Book Access Numbers> to <On>, you cannot recall settings from memory.
If you set any address type to <On> in <Limit New Destination>, the currently stored Previous Settings are deleted.