Support for Correcting Uneven Density Using the Feeder

You can now correct uneven density using the feeder.
This feature can be set when the "Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-P" is attached.

Scanner Correction (Optional)

You can perform density correction by scanning a test page that you have output. The machine automatically determines density correction values and corrects irregularities.
If the optional "Sensing Unit-B" is equipped, this mode cannot be used.
Press  (Settings/Registration)  <Adjustment/Maintenance>  <Adjust Image Quality>  <Correct Shading>  <Scanner Correction>.
Select the <Full Adjust> or <Quick Adjust>.
Select the paper to use and press <OK>.
Press <Start Printing>.
A test page is printed.
Place the test page on the feeder or platen glass.
Change the scanning location by pressing <Scan Using Platen Glass> or <Scan Using Feeder>.
Place the test page as indicated by the on-screen instructions.
Close the feeder and press <Start Scanning>.
The test page is scanned.
Close the feeder when you use the platen glass.
When <Quick Adjust> is selected in step 2, proceed to step 10.
When you press <Scan Using Platen Glass>, the control panel screen changes to the scanning screen using the platen glass. However, when the test page is printed on the following paper types, the scanning screen using the platen glass is displayed. <Scan Using Platen Glass> is not displayed.
Heavy 5 to 8, 1-Sided Coated, 1-Sided Coated Thin, 2-Sided Coated, 2-Sided Coated Thin, Matte Coated, Matte Coated Thin
Remove the test page.