Canceling Send/Print Jobs

If you press  (Stop) on the control panel while a send/print job is being processed and a screen that leads to <Send Jobs>/<Print Jobs> is being displayed, the ongoing send/print job is paused, and <Send Jobs>/<Print Jobs> appears.
Select the job that you want to cancel, and press <Cancel>.
Screens that lead to <Send Jobs>/<Print Jobs>
<Home> screen
<Print> screen
Top screens of  (Status Monitor) (<Copy/Print>, <Send>, <Receive>, <Store>, <Consumables/Others>)
<Visual Message Settings> screen
If you press  (Stop) on the control panel while a send/fax job is being processed and the <Fax>/<Scan and Send> screen is being displayed, a pop-up screen that directly cancels the ongoing job appears. When multiple jobs are in process, you can set which job to cancel: the job that was last made, or the job that is in the process of sending. (<Job to Cancel When Stop Is Pressed>)
If there is a job that was started after pressing  (Stop) on the control panel, the job is performed.
For instructions on canceling jobs from the <Copy> screen or <Fax> screen, see Canceling Copying or Canceling Sending Faxes.