Editing the Registered Destinations in the Address Book

After registering destinations, you can change or delete their settings.
Press <Dest./Fwd. Settings>. <Home> Screen
Press <Register Destinations>.
Select the destination you want to edit.
Address list drop-down list
Select <Personal Addr. List>, <Address List 1> to <Address List 10> or <Address List for Admin.> to filter the destinations to be displayed in the address list.
<Search by Name>
Enter the destination name. Press <Search by Name> again to return to the previous screen.
Destination list
Select the destination you want to edit or delete.
First letter button
Select the alphanumeric button for the first character of the destination name. Press <All> to display all registered destinations.
Press to delete the destination.
Press to check or edit the settings of destinations.
Destination type drop-down list
Select (e-mail), (fax), (I-fax), (file), or  (group) to filter the destinations displayed in the destination list (). Press <All> to display all registered destinations.
When destinations are managed by access numbers, enter the access number (Restricting Access to Destinations Registered in the Address Book) after pressing <Access No.>.
Destinations in <Personal Addr. List> are only displayed for the login user that registered them. Even if you have administrator privileges, you cannot view or edit the destinations in <Personal Addr. List> for other users.
Press <Details/Edit>.
If you want to delete a destination, select the destination and press <Delete>  <Yes>.
Edit the settings of the destination.
For details about how to edit the settings, see Registering Destinations in the Address Book.
Press <OK>  <Close>.