Receiving I-Faxes

When an I-fax is received

The Processing/Data indicator on the control panel blinks green. When receiving is complete, the document is automatically printed and the indicator turns off.
To cancel receiving, press  (Status Monitor)  <Receive>  <Job Status>  select a document  <Cancel>.
You can specify the time before reception is canceled when receiving a divided I-fax and the subsequent data cannot be received. Data received by the specified time is printed. <Divided Data RX Timeout>
To receive I-faxes manually
Press  (Status Monitor)  <Receive>  <Job Log>  <Check I-Fax RX>. Pressing <Fax/I-Fax Inbox>(<Home> Screen)  <Memory RX Inbox>  <Divided Data RX Inbox> enables you to check the receiving statuses of I-faxes divided and their data size.
You can save paper when printing.
You can include information, such as reception time, in received documents when printing. <Print RX Page Footer>