If AirPrint Cannot Be Used

If AirPrint cannot be used, try taking the following solutions.
Make sure that the machine is turned ON. If the machine is turned ON, first turn it OFF, then wait for at least 10 seconds and then turn it back ON to check if the problem is solved.
Make sure that no error messages are displayed on the machine.
Make sure that Apple devices and the machine are connected to the same LAN. If the machine is turned ON, it may take several minutes before the machine is ready for communication.
Make sure that Bonjour on your Apple device is enabled.
Make sure that the machine is configured to enable operations from a computer even when no department ID and password are entered.
For printing, make sure that the paper is loaded in the machine and the machine has sufficient toner levels remaining. Displaying the Screen for AirPrint
For scanning, make sure that the machine's setting for Network Link Scan is <On>. <Use Network Link Scan>