Connecting with Mobile Devices

There are two methods to connect the mobile devices with the machine, "Connecting via a Wireless LAN Router" and "Direct connection." Select a connection method in accordance with the communication environment and the device you are using.
Perform communication with mobile devices from <Mobile Portal> (<Home> Screen). You can confirm the information of connected mobile devices, etc., from here.

Connecting via a Wireless LAN Router

For information on how to connect a mobile device to your wireless LAN router, see the manuals provided with the devices, or contact the manufacturer.
Connect with the machine using either a wired LAN or wireless LAN router. Setting up the Network Environment
If you connect to the machine via a wireless LAN router, you can confirm details of the machine on the <LAN Connection> screen by pressing <Mobile Portal> (<Home> Screen)  <LAN Connection>.

Connecting Directly

Directly connect a mobile device to the machine wirelessly without using wireless LAN. It is possible to immediately connect to the machine wirelessly even outside of a wireless LAN environment. Connecting Directly