Registering Shortcuts for Frequently Used Settings/Registered Items

You can register shortcuts for the settings that are displayed when you press  (Settings/Register), in <Settings/Regist. Shortcut>. This allows you to quickly display even those settings that are configured deep in the menu hierarchy.
If <Settings/Regist. Shortcut> is not displayed on the <Home> screen, press   <Home Management Settings> <Restrict Function Display>   <Set> set <Settings/Regist. Shortcut> to be displayed.
Shortcuts that can be registered: 10
Press <Settings/Regist. Shortcut>. <Home> Screen
Press <Register>.
Select the button in which you want to register settings.
You can select the assigned button to change the registered settings.
Select the settings to register as shortcuts and press <OK>.
If you do not want to register settings, select <Unassigned>.