Generating a Device Signature Certificate

The key and certificate (device certificate) required when adding a device signature can be generated on the machine. Designate an administrator to generate these items. Once they are generated, you can add a digital signature to scanned documents that are sent in a particular file format. Adding a Digital Signature
 (Settings/Register)  <Management Settings>  <Device Management>  <Certificate Settings>  <Generate Key>  <Generate/Update Device Signature Key>  <Yes>  <OK>
Key and certificate for device signature
The generated key and certificate are registered with the name "Device Signature Key". You can register only one key and certificate for the device signature.
Managing the key and certificate for device signature
You can check the detailed settings of the key and certificate on the screen that is displayed when you press  (Settings/Register)  <Management Settings>  <Device Management>  <Certificate Settings>  <Key and Certificate List>  <Key and Certificate List for This Device>.
If  is displayed, the key is corrupted or invalid. You can update the key and certificate by configuring the settings again.
If you select <Device Signature Key> and press <Certificate Details>, detailed information about the device signature certificate is displayed. You can also press <Verify Certificate> on this screen to check whether the certificate is valid.
The PDF/XPS file contains sender information that the reader of the file can use to validate the reliability of the device signature by matching it with the SHA-1 message digest number. You can verify this information in <Certificate Thumbprint> on this machine.
Ensuring that a device signature is always added when sending
You can configure the machine so that a device signature is always added to scanned documents that are sent in a particular file format, regardless of the user settings. You can also restrict the file formats used when sending documents, which ensures that no documents can be sent without a device signature. Administrator or DeviceAdmin privileges are required in order to configure these settings. <Always Add Device Signature to Send>