Relocating the Machine

The machine is heavy. Make sure to follow the procedures below to avoid injury when moving the machine. Also, to confirm the safety precautions before you begin to move, read the Important Safety Instructions included with the machine.
If the machine is to be transported for relocation, removals, etc., take the following steps to prevent damage and faults during transportation:
Remove the toner cartridges.
Securely pack the machine in the original packaging (box) and packing materials.
Turn OFF the machine and computer.
Turning OFF the Machine
Disconnect the cables and cord from the machine in numerical order as in the illustration below.
Whether the cables with "*" are connected depends on your environment.
If an optional handset is mounted on the machine, remove the handset from its mounting.
 Power plug
 Power cord
 LAN cable*
 USB cable*
 USB device*
 External telephone*
 Telephone cable*
When transporting the machine across a long distance, remove the toner cartridge. Replacing the Toner Cartridge
Close all the open covers, and move the machine to a new location.
The machine is heavy (Hardware Specifications). Do not try hard to carry the machine.
Use the handles on both sides of the machine, and have at least two people carry it.
If the optional paper feeder or the cassette pedestal is attached to the machine.
Unlock the paper feeder or the cassette pedestal before lifting the machine, and transport the paper feeder or the cassette pedestal separately.
Carefully place the machine at the new installation site.
For information about how to install the machine after relocating it, see Setup Guide. Manuals and Their Contents