Initializing All Data/Settings

You can restore all of the machine settings to the factory default setting. All of the data that remains in the storage is overwritten with 0 (null) data, which prevents the leakage of sensitive data when replacing or disposing of the memory or storage and when disposing of or reusing the machine. Administrator privileges are required in order to perform initialization.
Before initializing, make sure that there are no documents being processed or waiting to be processed. These documents will be deleted when initialization is performed.
Do not turn OFF the machine during initialization. Doing so may lead to defects in the memory of the machine.
Initialization may take 30 minutes or more to complete. The machine cannot be used during the initialization process.
Before performing initialization
Back up your important data or export it as a file.
Machine setting information Importing/Exporting the Setting Data
User authentication information registered in the local device for personal authentication management Registering User Information in the Local Device
When using a password to protect the security policy settings
You need to enter the password to initialize the machine settings. Using a Password to Protect the Security Policy Settings
Press  (Settings/Register).
Press <Management Settings>  <Data Management>  <Initialize All Data/Settings>.
Press <Yes>.
Initialization is performed. After the process is complete, the machine restarts and the Initialize All Data/Settings Report is printed.
When the <A security policy is applied to this device. To perform the operation, enter the security administrator password.> message is displayed, a password must be entered by the security administrator. For more information, contact your security administrator. Applying a Security Policy to the Machine
Although the job log information can be deleted by initializing all data/settings, the result of printing the Initialize All Data/Settings Report is recorded in the print log. Checking the Printing Status and History
It is also possible to individually select some machine settings and restore their factory default values. Settings/Registration