Viewing User's Guide

This section describes the marks, buttons, screens, and other items used in the User's Guide. The warnings and cautions are also given in the "Important Safety Instructions" included with the machine. See also these instructions.
Cautions regarding safety, restrictions and cautions regarding the handling of the machine, useful tips, and other information are indicated using the marks below.
Indicates a warning concerning operations that may lead to death or serious personal injury if not performed correctly. To ensure that you use the machine safely, always observe these warnings.
Indicates a precaution for preventing the risk of personal injury or property damage other than a product fault due to improper use of the machine. To ensure that you use the machine safely, always observe these cautions.
Indicates an operation that must not be performed. Read these items carefully, and make sure not to perform the described operations.
Indicates important operational requirements and restrictions that should always be observed when using this machine. Always observe these important items to avoid malfunctions, faults or property damage due to improper machine operation.
Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure.
Indicates useful functions or tips for using the machine.
Keys and buttons
Keys on the control panel and buttons on the computer screen are indicated as follows.
Keys on the control panel
Settings displayed on the control panel
<Function Settings>
Buttons and other text interfaces displayed on the computer display
, , and  on the control panel are used to select the target item in settings, but their description is omitted in the User's Guide. The operation for selecting <XXXXX> using or and pressing  is represented as shown below in the User's Guide.
Select <XXXXX>.
Depending on the operating system you are using, the appearance of the displays used in this manual may slightly differ from the actual displays. Also, the appearance of the printer driver and software may differ depending on their version.
Illustrations used in the User's Guide are from "LBP732Cx" unless otherwise specifically noted.