Installing Drivers

Install the various drivers and associated software on your computer.
Make preparations before installation.
Equip the main unit with optional equipment (Optional Equipment).
Install the drivers and software to use from the included CD/DVD-ROM or by downloading them from the Canon website for your country/region accessed via the URL indicated below.
The latest versions of drivers and software are uploaded to the Canon website when they become available. Download them as needed after checking the operating environment for your machine.
Some functions of drivers and software may not be available depending on the model of the machine or operating environment.
Some drivers may not be fully compatible with the operating system you are using. Check the driver compatibility with latest versions of operating systems on the Canon website.
Carry out installation of the drivers.
For details on the installation, see the manuals for the drivers and software you want to use.
If communication via the relevant IP address is not permitted in [Firewall Settings], you cannot install the driver. For more information, see Specifying IP Addresses in Firewall Settings.
After you have installed the driver, if communication via the IP address of the computer you have installed it on is not permitted in [Firewall Settings], you cannot print from that computer.