Registering Groups to the Address Book (Control Panel)

You can register a group of multiple destinations to the Address Book using the control panel.
You can register only the same type of destinations for a group. You cannot register file save locations (shared folder or FTP server) to a group.
Required Preparations
Register the destinations to be added to a group to the Address Book of the machine. Registering Destinations to the Address Book (Control Panel)
On the control panel, press [Address Book] in the [Home] screen. [Home] Screen
Press [Register Dest.].
The [Destination Type] screen is displayed.
If the [Address Book PIN] screen is displayed, enter the PIN, and press [Apply].
Press [Group].
The [Group] screen is displayed.
Press [Name] and enter the name, and then press [Apply].
You can register a destination without entering its name, but by entering the name, you can search for it by its initials when specifying the destination.
Press [Destination] [Add].
Select the checkboxes of the destinations to add to the group, and press [Apply].
Select the index at the bottom of the screen of the Address Book to filter and display the destinations.
You can select multiple destinations at the same time.
Check that the destinations to be added to the group are correct, and then press [Apply].
To view the information of a destination, select the checkbox of the destination, and press [Details].
* You cannot view the information by selecting the checkboxes of multiple destinations.
Press [Register As], and select [Favorites] or [Coded Dial].
When [Coded Dial] is selected, select an unregistered number, or press [Use Numeric Keys] and enter a three-digit Coded Dial number.
Press [Apply].
The group is registered to the Address Book.