Checking the Number of Printed Pages (Check Counter)

You can display a counter showing the total number of pages copied and printed to date.
The number of printed pages includes received faxes and printed reports and lists.
This section describes how to check the number of printed pages using the control panel.
You can also check this information using Remote UI from a computer. Checking Usage and Logs with Remote UI
On the control panel, press [Check Counter] in the [Home] screen. [Home] Screen
Check the number of printed pages.
[113: Total (Black & White/Small)]
Displays the total number of copied and printed pages in black & white.
[501: Scan (Total 1)]
Displays the total number of scanned pages.
[301: Print (Total 1)]
Displays the total number of printed pages.
Operations Available on the Check Counter Screen
The items displayed on the screen vary depending on your country or region.
Press [Monitoring Service] to check the connection to the monitoring server. Perform this operation to send the information of the machine regularly to the monitoring server.
Press [Check Dev. Config.] to check the configuration of options on the machine.