Printing from a USB Memory Device (Memory Media Print)

With Memory Media Print, you can print PDF, JPEG, and TIFF files directly from a USB memory device inserted into the machine without using a computer or printer driver. You can also preview JPEG and TIFF image files on the control panel before printing.
This is convenient when printing files on a computer without a network connection or from an external device.
Required Preparations
Configure the settings to print data from a USB memory device. Preparing to Print from a USB Memory Device
* By default, this machine does not allow printing.
Insert a USB memory device into the USB port on the machine. Inserting and Removing a USB Memory Device
If the memory media operation screen appears, press [Memory Media Print], and proceed to step 3.
On the control panel, press [Memory Media Print] in the [Home] screen. [Home] Screen
The files and folders of the USB memory device are displayed.
Select the checkboxes of the files to print. Screen for Selecting Files in USB Memory Device
You can select multiple files.
* Only files in the same folder can be selected at the same time. If you move the folder, the file selection is canceled.
* You cannot select both PDF files and image files (JPEG or TIFF files) at the same time.
Press [Apply].
The Memory Media Print settings screen is displayed.
Configure the print settings. Memory Media Print Settings
Press [Start].
Printing starts.
To cancel printing, use the control panel to cancel printing. When Canceling Printing with the Control Panel
Use [Status Monitor] to view the print job status and log. Viewing the Print Job Status and Log
When printing is completed, remove the USB memory device. Removing the USB Memory Device