Paper Jams That Occur Repeatedly

Troubleshoot by checking the items below.
Are There Paper Scraps or Foreign Objects Inside the Machine?
Remove any paper scraps or foreign objects. Paper Jams
Are You Using Appropriate Paper?
Check whether the paper in the machine is usable, and replace it with appropriate paper, as needed.
Usable Paper
Loading Paper
Is Paper Loaded Correctly?
Fan the paper thoroughly in small batches so that it is not stuck together.
Align the edges by tapping the paper on a flat surface a few times before loading the paper. Loading Paper
Make sure the loaded paper does not exceed the load limit line or load limit guide ().
Paper Drawer
Multi-purpose Tray
Check that the paper guides are aligned with the markings and are not too loose or too tight.
Paper Drawer
Multi-purpose Tray
Do Paper Jams Occur When Printing on the Back Side of Printed Paper?
Flatten the edges of the paper to thoroughly remove any curls.
* When printing on the back side of printed paper, you can only use paper printed with this machine. Do not use paper printed with another printer or multifunction machine, as this can cause paper jams or damage the machine.
Do Paper Jams Occur When Printing on Paper in the Optional Cassette Feeding Module-AH?
Reinstall Cassette Feeding Module-AH. For details about installing Cassette Feeding Module-AH, see "Setup Guide." Manuals of the Machine