Verifying a Received Certificate with OCSP

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is a protocol for inquiring to an OCSP responder (server that supports OCSP) about the revocation status of a certificate received from a certificate authority.
You can configure the settings to verify the validity of a certificate that the machine receives from a certificate authority, using the OCSP.
Configure these settings using Remote UI from a computer. You cannot use the control panel to configure the settings.
Administrator privileges are required.
Log in to Remote UI in System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
On the Portal page of Remote UI, click [Settings/Registration]. Portal Page of Remote UI
Click [Device Management] [OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) Settings] [Edit].
The [Edit OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) Settings] screen is displayed.
Select the [Use OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)] checkbox.
Set the certificate verification level and the OCSP responder.
[Certificate Verification Level]
Set whether to validate the certificate even if its revocation status cannot be confirmed, such as when the machine is unable to connect to an OCSP responder.
[OCSP Responder Settings]
Specify the URL of the OCSP responder.
[Custom URL]
When [Use Custom URL] or [Use Certificate URL (Use Custom URL If Certificate URL Cannot Be Retrieved)] is selected, enter the URL of the OCSP responder.
[Communication Timeout]
Enter the time from search start to timeout in seconds.
Click [OK].
The settings are applied.
Log out from Remote UI.