Parts and Their Functions

Front cover

Open this cover to clear a paper jam.

N-A guide

Open this guide to clear a paper jam.

Operation panel

You can turn the static elimination voltage ON or OFF; or you can specify the static elimination adjustment value. LED indicators are installed to display the status of the Static Eliminator-A. Operation panel

Static elimination rollers

Static of paper passing through the rollers is removed.

Operation panel

Setting dials

You can specify the de-static adjustment value from 00 to 65.
Even when a value greater than 65 is specified, it is counted as 65.

Static elimination rollers switch

You can turn ON or OFF the static elimination voltage on the Static elimination rollers. Turn this switch ON when removing static on Transparency, Translucent Film, Clear Film, Synthetic (Polypropylene), or Synthetic (Polyester).

LED Indicators

The LED indicators display the status of the Static Eliminator-A.
LED indicators
Green indicator
The Static Eliminator-A is working properly during a job.
Red indicator
The Static Eliminator-A is malfunctioning or overcurrent protection worked.*
The Static Eliminator-A needs cleaning.
*Contact your dealer or service representative.