Installing This Software

This section describes the method for installing this software.
Log on to the computer as a user with Administrator privileges.
Exit all application software that is running.
Double-click [DCA installer.msi].
The ZIP file in the same folder as [DCA installer.msi] is a file used for upgrading. It is not used for a new installation.
On the [Welcome to the Setup Wizard for Canon Data Collection Agent] screen, click [Next].
Select [I accept the terms in the license agreement], and click [Next].
On the [Port Settings] screen, enter the port number to use with this software, and click [Next].
Enter the port number used for accessing this software from a Web browser in [HTTPS].
Enter the port number used for receiving events from devices in [Event Receive].
Specify the destination folder to install to in [Install in], and click [Next].
On the [Ready to Install] screen, click [Install].
If the [User Account Control] dialog box is displayed, click [Continue] or [Yes].
On the [Setup of Canon Data Collection Agent is complete.] screen, click [Finish].
For information on logging in to this software, see the following.
If the [Setup of Canon Data Collection Agent is not complete.] screen is displayed, select whether to exit the application, and click [OK]. Restart the computer and execute the installation again.