Changing or Resetting the Password

This section describes the procedure for changing the password of this software.
It also describes the procedure for resetting the password if it has been forgotten.

Changing the Password in This Software

Select [Edit User Information] from the user information on the top of the screen.
Click [Change Password] on the [User Information] page.
Enter the old password in [Old Password] and the new password in [New Password] and [Confirm], and click [Update].
The password is reset.

Resetting the Password Using a Tool

If you cannot log in to this software, you can use a tool to reset the password.
You can change the password when an RDS ID is set for this software.
Log on to the computer as a user with Administrator privileges.
Start the Reset Password tool with administrator privileges.
Double-click the file indicated below.
Enter the RDS ID.
Set the new password.
Enter the new password.
Enter the password again for confirmation purposes.
The password is reset.