Address Book Management

This section provides a brief description of what you can do with Address Book Management.
For details on Address Book Management, see the following.
In Address Book Management, the following address lists are called "one-touch."
One-Touch of Type I Printers
Favorites (One-Touch for some models) for Type II printers
One-touch Speed Dial of Type III Printers

Distributing Address Books

Create address lists and one-touches with Address Book Management and distribute them to multiple printers.
Address book data is distributed to printers from the Manager via the Agent. (The data is not retained in the Agent.)

Creating/Editing Destinations

Create and edit destinations for use on printers. You can also import destinations from a file.
Destinations are centrally managed in destination list.

Creating/Editing Address Lists

Create and edit the address lists and one-touches to distribute to printers.
Register the destinations managed in the destination list to address lists and one-touches.

Distributing Address Books

Distribute address lists and one-touches to the printers on a network.

Backing Up Address Books

Retrieve address books from printers connected to the network.
You can manage the retrieved address books in this software and export them as necessary.
You can also import the exported address books to printers from the Remote UI.
This is useful for backing up address books.