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The Operation Panel and the Display

The operation panel and what is displayed on the display are described here.
Screens or illustrations used are for MF746Cx, unless otherwise noted. Depending on the model you are using, what is described here may appear differently.

Operation panel

You can view the progress of the machine and error statuses. The display is also a touch panel, so you can specify settings by touching the screen directly.
Sound Volume key
Press to adjust volume.
Energy Saver key
Press to put the machine into sleep mode. The key lights up green when the machine is in sleep mode. Press the key again to exit sleep mode.
Data indicator
Blinks while an operation is being performed, such as data transmission or printing. Lights up when there are documents waiting to be processed.
Error indicator
Blinks or lights up when an error such as a paper jam occurs.
Home key
Press to display the Home screen, which provides access to the setting menu and functions such as copy and scan.
Stop key 
Press to cancel printing and other operations.
NFC (Near Field Communication) mark (MF746Cx / MF744Cdw / MF543x)
You can also use functions such as printing by holding a mobile device with Canon PRINT Business installed over this mark.

Adjusting the angle

When it is difficult to view the touch panel display, adjust the angle of the operation panel.

Basic screens

The Home screen or settings screen appears on the display, allowing you to initiate functions such as copy and scan. You can also use the display to check information such as error messages and the machine's operation status. The screen is also a touch panel, so you can perform operations by touching the screen directly.
Checking descriptions on how to operate,

Home screen

The Home screen is displayed when the power is turned ON or by pressing on the operation panel. Use this screen to specify settings for and register functions.
Change page
Use this to view another page in the Home screen. You can also flick sideways to change pages.
<Check Counter> (MF746Cx / MF645Cx / MF543x / MF542x / MF449x / MF446x)
Displays the total number of printouts. When you are using MF746Cx / MF645Cx, the total numbers of black and white printouts and color printouts are displayed separately.
<Log Out>
Use this button to log out from the machine.
<Status Monitor>
Press to check the printing status, to view the usage history, or to view the network settings such as the IP address of the machine. You can also check the status of the machine, such as the remaining amount of paper, the amount remaining in the toner cartridges, or errors on the machine.
Wi-Fi icon
Displayed when the machine is connected to a wireless LAN.
User name/ID
The name or ID of the logged-in user is displayed.
Use this button to start copying.
Use this button to send a fax from the machine.
Scans an original and converts it into an electronic file. You can save scanned files on your computer or send them via e-mail.
<Memory Media Print>
Prints files stored in a USB memory device.
Application Library buttons
You can use these buttons to perform convenient functions by a one-touch operation.
<Secure Print>
Use this function to print a secured document.
<Function Settings>, <Preferences>, and many other machine settings are initiated from this button.
<Address Book>
Use this to register or edit the destinations for e-mails and faxes. You can also display a registered destination when sending an e-mail or fax.
<Paper Settings>
This button is used for specifying the size and type of paper loaded in the paper drawer and multi-purpose tray.
<Mobile Portal>
Use this to establish a connection to a mobile device.
<Home Screen Settings>
Allows you to change the order of the buttons displayed in the Home screen.
<Update Firmware>
Allows you to update the firmware via the Internet.
<ID Card Copy>
Use this function to copy the front and back sides of a driver's license or health insurance card onto the same side of one sheet of paper.
<Passport Copy>
Allows you to copy multiple passports onto one sheet.
<Operation Guide>
Press to view basic operation guidance and error causes/solutions.
<Application Library Guide>
Displays a description of the Application Library.
Shortcut buttons
Display "Favorite Settings" that are registered to Copy, Fax, and Scan.

<Status Monitor> screen

When you select <Status Monitor>, a screen appears in which you can check the statuses of documents as well as the status of the machine and network setting information.
<Error Information/Notification>
If an error has occurred on the machine, displays the details of the error.
<Device Information>
You can check the status of the machine.
<Paper Information>
Displays the remaining amount of paper loaded in each paper source.
<Cartridge Information>
Displays the amount of toner remaining in the toner cartridges. Other internal parts may reach the end of their lifetime before the toner runs out.
<Check Counter> (MF744Cdw / MF742Cdw / MF643Cdw / MF641Cw / MF445dw / MF443dw)
Displays the total number of printouts. When you are using MF744Cdw / MF742Cdw / MF643Cdw / MF641Cw, the total numbers of black and white printouts and color printouts are displayed separately.
<Secure Print Memory Usage>
Displays the amount of memory currently used for storing secured document data.
<Version Information>
Displays firmware version information.
<Serial Number>
Displays the serial number of the machine.
Status and logs of copied, printed, and sent/received documents
Displays the current status of the selected item. The <Copy/Print Job> screen is shown below as an example.
<Network Information>
Displays the network settings such as the IP address of the machine and status such as the condition of wireless LAN communications.
IP address
Displays the IPv4 address of the machine.
<Rmv. Mem. Media>
Used to safely remove a USB memory device. This is displayed only when a USB memory device is connected to the machine.

Message display

Messages are displayed on the screen in situations such as when paper runs out or when the expiration of the toner cartridge lifetime is reached. Messages are displayed alternately like the following screens. For more information, see If a Message Is Displayed on the Screen.
When an error occurs,