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Cannot Send Faxes

A possible cause may be that another job is currently being sent or received or the fax sending settings are wrong. Check the following.

Is the original placed properly?

Place the original properly.  

Has an error occurred?

Print and check a Communication Management Report.  

Is a telephone line set correctly?

Check whether the telephone line is set correctly.  

Are you sending a fax to abroad?

Insert pauses in the fax number.  
Change the setting for <TX Start Speed>.  

Is the destination information specified correctly?

Check whether the destination information is specified correctly.  

Are you not sending another document from memory?

Wait until the sending is complete.

Is an external phone line busy?

Wait until the line becomes free.

Did you check the receiving environment of the destination (recipient's fax machine)?

Check whether the recipient's fax machine is compatible with this machine (whether it supports G3, for example).
Check whether paper is loaded in the recipient's fax machine.
Check whether the recipient's fax line is busy.
When the recipient's fax line is busy, the "Result" in a Fax TX Result Report shows "Busy/No Signal."  

Are you using an optical fiber line for fax sending?

The machine is compliant with use on analog lines. When using an optical fiber line or IP phone line, the machine may not work correctly depending on the connection environment or connected devices. In such a case, contact the provider of the optical fiber line or IP phone.