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[Windows] Remedi untuk sistem ralat (Color Network ScanGear 2)

Check the causes and remedies for the symptoms indicated below.
Screens and operations may differ, depending on the environment of your computer and the following conditions.
The device you are using and its settings, firmware version, and option configuration
The driver you are using and its version

Driver Error Symptom

[Preview] is grayed out on the main screen and cannot be clicked
Scanning stops when the number of transferred pages reaches 100%

Allowing Communication via Windows Firewall

This section describes the procedure for allowing communication via the firewall for the application you are using.
Display [Tetapan] [Rangkaian dan Internet], in Windows.
Click [Tembok Api Windows] on the displayed screen.
On the [Keselamatan Windows] screen, click [Tembok Api & Perlindungan Rangkaian]  [Benarkan aplikasi melalui tembok api].
Click [Change settings] → click [Allow another app].
Add the application to use → click [Add].
If the application to use is not displayed in [Applications], perform the procedure below to add it.
(1) Click [Browse].
(2) On the file selection screen, select the application to allow communication via the firewall, and click [Open].
Confirm that the application to use is selected, and click [OK].