Editing Forwarding Settings

You can check or change forwarding settings that have been stored.
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Receive/Forward] → [Common Settings].
Press [Forwarding Settings].
Checking/Changing Forwarding Settings:
Forwarding Received Files:
Deleting Forwarding Settings:
Checking/Changing Forwarding Settings:
Select the forwarding settings you want to check or change → [Other Operations] → [Details/Edit].
Check or change the settings as necessary → press [OK].
For more details on forwarding settings, see "Storing Forwarding Settings."
Forwarding Received Files:
Select the forwarding settings → press [Validate/Invalidate].
Details of each item are shown below:
Received files that match the forwarding conditions are forwarded to the specified destination.
Received files are not forwarded to the specified destination, even if they match the forwarding conditions.
To cancel this setting, press [Validate/Invalidate] again.
Deleting Forwarding Settings:
Select the forwarding settings that you want to delete → press [Delete] → [Yes].
Press [Close].