Current Date and Time

Setting the current date and time is very important. The current date and time settings are used as standard timer settings for functions that require them.
Time Zone:
The standard time zones of the world are expressed globally in terms of the difference in hours (up to 12 hours) from GMT (0 hours). A time zone is a region throughout which this time difference is the same.
Daylight Saving Time:
In some countries, time is temporarily advanced throughout the summer season. This practice is called "Daylight Saving Time."
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Preferences] → [Timer/Energy Settings] → [Date/Time Settings].
Enter the current date and time using -  (numeric keys).
Enter the month and the day using four digits (including zeros).
The time is displayed in 24-hour notation.
6 May
7:05 a.m.
11:18 p.m.
If you make a mistake when entering values, press (Clear) → enter the values again.
Setting the Time Zone:
Using Daylight Saving Time:
Setting the Time Zone:
Press the <Time Zone> drop-down list → select the time zone.
Using Daylight Saving Time:
Press [On] → [Start Date].
Press the <Month> and <Day> drop-down lists → select the month and day.
Press [-] or [+] to set the time → press [OK].
Press [End Date] → select the month, day, and time at which Daylight Saving Time ends → press [OK].
The time at the Greenwich Observatory in England is called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
If you set Daylight Saving Time, the machine automatically sets the standard time of the machine one hour forward at the specified date and time.
Press [OK].

On the Settings/Registration screen, you can also specify to automatically synchronize the date and time with a server on the network using SNTP. (See "Settings Common to TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6.")